Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Removable Camper Rack From Rack-It Truck Racks

The customer was looking for a 3000 Series Camper Rack, but didn’t want to use the rack all of the time. He wanted to be able to get the rack on and off the truck easily, without having to take the camper shell off his truck each time he removed the rack. We came up with a design that allowed him to do that by making a bolt-on connection at the mounting pad and with the pulley system he designed in his garage he is able to drive underneath hook up to the belts and easily remove the rack.

This customer was also particular about the design of the rack and wanted something different than the normal look of a Rack-it. With the customer’s input, we worked with him and the dealer to build the rack per his exact specification and design.

This unit was sold by Ace Truck Box in  Martinez, CA. They work with each and every Rack-it customer on projects big and small. They are a great shop for contractors as they stock a large volume of Rack-it Truck Racks along with Tool boxes, hitches and other construction related products. Richard and his excellent team of Sales Reps are ready to help you with your next truck project.

Give them a call at (925) 228-6136 or visit them online at

To find out more, you may call Platinum Commercial Truck at 877-221-6097.
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