Sunday, December 21, 2014

“You Know You Want a Truck” with Technology and Stuff

  • ·         Chevrolet Colorado films playfully showcase the many benefits to owning a truck
  • ·         #TechnologyAndStuff

DETROIT – Can a truck make you more appealing? Chevrolet’s new “You Know You Want a Truck” web videos suggest that perhaps it can, if the truck is the all-new midsize Chevrolet Colorado, which comes standard with a lot of “technology and stuff.”
The trio of videos, available on Chevrolet’s YouTube channel, suggest that owning a truck might change the perceptions of their drivers – even making them more rugged, dependable and dateable. The spots feature a series of real people, not actors, in focus groups, online dating, and the Health and Beauty aisle of a supermarket to drive home what it really means to be a “Truck Guy.”
“The films are centered around the idea that there is an inner truck guy in everyone,” said Paul Edwards, U.S. vice president, Chevrolet marketing. “The game-changing Chevrolet Colorado will enable people to unleash their inner truckness.  
“For many there are rational barriers to consideration, does it meet my need for features and refinement, will I sacrifice safety?  The Colorado removes those barriers by offering the capabilities of a pickup with the technology and “stuff” customers want and need.”
In the video series, cameras reveal that indeed there is an inner truck guy in everyone including housewives, mature people, kids and men with beards.
With its midsize dimensions, advanced technologies and stuff including class-leading power, towing and fuel economy, Colorado is the perfect choice for customers who want the style and capability of a pickup in a maneuverable, fuel efficient package.
The Colorado began shipping to dealers last month. With the introduction of the Colorado, Chevrolet will offer customers more choices than any other pickup truck brand, including midsize, full-size light duty and heavy-duty pickups.

About Chevrolet
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